Reflections on My Life at 75

Making Sense of it all as best I can

postI am starting this blog as a way to journal about what I am thinking and feeling at this stage in my life. Right now this is anonymous. At some point I will share with family members and perhaps transform this into a book that can be preserved for the future. I intend to be philosophical, scientific, biographical, funny, interesting, thought provoking, emotional, and authentic. I am going to avoid dwelling on health issues as they arise, although there may be some of that; particularly in light of how the issues affect my thinking.

I wish I had some record of my grandfathers’ lives and what they were thinking and doing. There are some papers with dates and such but not much. I do have two short stories that my father’s father wrote and I intend to publish them on this site at some point. Enough to say that I am hoping that some ┬áin the next generation or two or three will find my story and thoughts of some interest simply because I am their ancestor.